Information about our courses

This page covers all information parents need to know before booking and sending your child to a House of Fun holiday camp. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to email us at or call us on 07825 870475.


Hours of Operation

  • Multi-activity courses have drop-off from 8.30am-9.30am and pick-up from 5.00pm-6.00pm

  • Half days run from 8.30am to 1.30pm, or 1.00pm to 6.00pm

  • Cookery and Art courses are 9.00am to 3.00pm

If you need to arrange drop-off or pick-up outside of these times, please talk to the Team Manager on the day, or email


What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothing for an active day, including practical shoes (i.e. trainers) and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

  • A healthy and balanced packed lunch, a morning and afternoon snack (LUNCH NOT NEEDED FOR COOKERY COURSES)

    • Please make sure that there are NO NUTS in your children's food​

  • Refillable drinks bottle (all children will be advised to keep this filled throughout the day)

  • For sunny weather:

    • a sun hat and suitable clothes for warm weather

    • sun cream – please ensure this is applied in the morning before arrival at camp – we will then advise/assist your child in reapplying during the day (unless you advise us otherwise)*

  • For cooler weather:

    • warm comfortable clothes including a jacket/coat and jumper

*Please note that due to current government guidance surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently unable to physically help children to apply suncream during hot weather - please ensure they have applied suncream before arriving at our camps, and we can then advise them to top up if needed during the day.



  • At our multi-activity camps, all children choose from a sport (weather dependent), cookery, arts & crafts, or outdoor activity (weather dependent) for every session.* As our name suggests, the emphasis is on having fun, so we are very flexible if your child decides they want to switch from one activity to another

  • Please speak to one of our holiday camp staff or email for more information about our activities

*Please note that due to current government guidance surrounding safe practices during the Covid-19 pandemic, our normal activity choosing structure will be more limited for the foreseeable future to ensure safe movement around, and use of, our holiday camp sites and equipment for children and adults.



  • House of Fun asks parents to be prompt in bringing their child to camp and collecting them at the end of the day

  • Parents are asked to inform the Team Manager at the beginning of the day when a child is not attending the camp due to illness or other circumstances

  • Parents can ring, text the Team Manager on 07825 870475 or email at to inform us if their child is not attending

  • If a child doesn’t attend the camp for their booked sessions, the Team Manager will be responsible for contacting the parent to find out the reason why

  • We will require to speak to the parent personally

  • If there is no reply and the child does not come to the camp, we would refer to our Safeguarding Policy as the welfare of the child is a priority


Changes to Bookings


Lunch & Break Times

  • Children need to bring a healthy and balanced packed lunch, a morning and afternoon snack (not for Cookery courses) and a refillable drinks bottle.

    • Please ensure there are NO NUTS in your children's food 

  • Children have an hour for lunch: the first 30 minutes is spent eating with friends and House of Fun staff, and then there’s time to have fun with friends, play games or relax*

  • We also have two 15 minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon

  • Lunch and break times are fully supervised and children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch so they have plenty of energy to enjoy our fantastic activities

*Please note that due to current government guidance surrounding safe practices during the Covid-19 pandemic, lunch and break timings may change to ensure the safe movement of children and adults around our holiday camp sites.



  • All House of Fun payments are processed through our external bookings system, Clubsbuddy

  • We accept payment via the following methods:

    • Debit/Credit Card

    • Childcare Vouchers

  • House of Fun accepts all childcare vouchers (CCVs) as a form of payment for bookings. Your booking will not be confirmed until we receive and process your CCVs. Please complete the following steps to pay by CCVs.

  • 1. Go through the normal House of Fun booking process at

  • 2. At the payment stage, choose the option to add the amount to your childcare voucher balance

  • 3. Log in to your childcare vouchers provider and make the voucher payment, using the following details/codes:

    • FOR ALL HOLIDAY CAMPS - send the vouchers to​ St Ebbe's Primary School, OX1 4NA, using the House of Fun Ltd Ofsted Unique Reference Number (URN) 2562365
      • if using the Government tax free childcare scheme, please use the provider reference 2562365

      • if using Edenred CCVs, please use the provider reference P21265779

      • if using Sodexo CCVs, please use the provider reference 904537 or 2562365 

      • if using Kiddivouchers, please use the provider reference 2562365

      • if using Care-4 CCVs, please use the provider reference 2562365

      • if using Computershare CCVs, please use the provider reference 0026500097

      • if using Co-op CCVS, please use the provider reference 85120504

      • if using Fair Care CCvs, please use the provider reference HOFL0620

      • please use 'House of Fun' or 'HOF', plus your child's name as payment reference​​​

  • 4.Once voucher payment has been made, please email a screenshot of the payment or a confirmation code email to We are unable to process the booking without this information.

  • 5. Once we have received your email with confirmation the payment has been made, we will update your Clubsbuddy bookings account to show payment has been received

  • CCVs cannot be used to purchase House of Fun merchandise.

  • If you have any queries regarding payments, CCVs or bookings please contact


Policies & Procedures

  • House of Fun has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that follow the most up to date guidance from the Department for Education and help to ensure the safe, efficient management of our courses.*

  • For more information about policies and procedures not on display on the Essential Policies page of our website or at our sites, please speak to your child's Team Manager, or email

*Please note that due to current government guidance surrounding safe practices during the Covid-19 pandemic, our policies and procedures are constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure the safest possible environment for children and adults attending our holiday camps. Please email if you have any queries about this.


Kids of Reception Age Who Aren't 5 Yet

  • Having summer kids ourselves, we completely understand how annoying it is that 4 year olds can't attend clubs with their older classmates. This all boils down to the different Ofsted requirements that apply to children before their 5th birthday. We are able to accept bookings for children that attend reception who haven't reached their 5th birthday yet - but they are only allowed to attend for 4 hours a day. If this is the case for you, please email us and we'll work it out.